Listed here are adaptive devices for sale by other parties. Please contact Heather at the Council office if a unit is sold so that we may take it off our list. We will typically list items for 90 days. You are welcome to renew your item if it has not sold in that timeframe. All negotiations are between the buyer and seller. Please call the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired at 1-800-783-5213 with updates or additions. The Sharper Vision Store occassionally has used CCTVs in store that have not been listed. Please contact us at for more information.

  • Perkins Brailler
    Fully functional, clean appearance
    Asking: $300
    Contact: Kelly Bailey
    Phone: (608) 758-0791

  • 24” Life Style HD in Color Approx. 3 years old
    Asking: $1,800
    Contact: Jay
    Phone: (763) 232-3201
    City: Green Bay

  • Optelec Portable Compact Plus HD
    Approximately 1 year old; looks brand new
    Asking: $495
    Contact: Sandra Fox
    Phone: (262) 989-5037

  • Graduate portable CCTV camera windows XP and windows 7 for laptop
    Asking: $300
    Contact: Angie Castro
    Phone: (608) 354-6725
    City: Madison
    State: WI

  • Braille Keyboard Approximately 8 years old
    Asking: $75
    Contact: Kimberly
    Phone: (920) 809-5422

  • 22” Optelec ClearView Approx. 5 years old
    Asking: $1,000 or best offer
    Contact: Linda Richter
    Phone: (608) 753-2157
    City: Arena

  • 26” Optelec Clear View
    Asking: $600 or best offer
    Contact: Denise Olson
    Phone: (608-444-3441
    City: Middleton

  • Electric Braille Writer
    Asking: $700
    Contact Sherry Paulus
    Phone: 608-330-3317
    City: Platteville

  • 24' Optilec High Def Viewsonic with stand appx 6 years old
    Asking: $1000
    Contact: Teresa
    Phone: 608-220-7404
    City: Stoughton

  • 22” Merlin Flat Screen Approx. 9 years old
    Asking: $1,500
    Contact: Marsha
    Phone: (608) 792-2300

    • Full Color Magnasight Exploror LCD
      Asking: $250
      Contact: Mya
      Phone: (608) 259 0809
      City: Madison

    • 19 inch Clearview CCTV
      Asking $500
      Contact Linda
      Phone (608) 967 2105
      City Hollandale