Aquí se listan dispositivos adaptables en venta. Todas las negociaciones son entre el vendedor y el comprador. Favor de contactar a Heather en la oficina del Council si alguna unidad se vendió para actualizar la lista. Artículos serán listados por al menos 90 días; puede renovar su artículo si no se ha vendido en ese periodo llame al Council al 1-800-783-5213.

  • Merlin Elite Pro by Enhanced Vision, Model MRP1E24A, 24” monitor approximately 4 years old
    Asking: $1600
    Contact: Mark Bannach
    Phone: 262-408-5759
    Email: MPB1393@YAHOO.COM
    City: Waukesha

  • Topaz CCTV
    Asking: $350
    Contact: Bruce Bobb
    Phone: 608-338-5849
    City: Verona

  • 4” Pico Portable Unit Approx. 10 years old
    Asking: $450
    Contact: Lynn Gittings
    Phone: 214-908-4386
    City: Racine

  • 22” Clear View Plus Color Approx. 5 years old
    Asking: $700
    Contact: Terri Jacobson
    Phone: 920-583-3394
    City: Brownsville

  • 27” Acrobat HD Ultra Approx. 5 years old
    Asking: $700
    Contact: Carla Dercks
    Phone: 920-733-8718
    Phone: 920-475-8432
    Email: ckdercks@gmail.comt
    City: Appleton

  • 24 inch Life Style HD in Color
    Approx. 3 years old
    Asking: $1,800
    Contact: Jay
    Phone: 763-232-3201
    City: Green Bay

  • Optelec Portable Compact Plus HD
    Approximately 1 year old; looks brand new
    Asking: $495
    Contact: Sandra Fox
    Phone: 262-989-5037

  • Graduate portable CCTV camera windows XP and windows 7 for laptop
    Asking: $300
    Contact: Angie Castro
    Phone: 608-354-6725
    City: Madison
    State: WI

  • Braille Keyboard
    Approximately 8 years old
    Asking: $75
    Contact: Kimberly
    Phone: 920-809-5422

  • Electric Braille Writer
    Asking: $700
    Contact: Sherry Paulus
    Phone: 608-330-3317
    City: Platteville

  • Full Color Magnasight Exploror LCD
    Asking: $200 or best offer
    Contact: Maya
    Phone: 608-259-0809
    City: Madison

  • Victor Reader Stream 3: Version 4.8.11 Model 503
    Asking: $200
    Conact: Jean
    Phone: 608-237-8106
    City: Madison

  • Enhanced Vision Merline Ultra
    Very limited use, purchased April 2017, 24 inch
    Asking: $2,000 plus shipping
    Contact: Donna Wall
    Phone: 715-723-3998
    City: Chippewa Falls

  • Balanced Sprectrum Lighted 3x Magnifier
    Floor lamp style with adjustable gooseneck - full page magnification - ultra bright LED, limited use
    Asking: $200 plus shipping
    Contact: Donna Wall
    Phone: 715-723-3998
    City: Chippewa Falls

  • 18 inch Optelec Clearview
    Asking: $500
    Contact: Linda Amsler
    Phone: 608-222-8880
    City: Madison

  • Various used CCTVs
    Stop by or call Council office to see what we have in store.
    Asking: Ranges based on age and quality
    Contact: Vision Services Team
    Phone: 608-255-1166
    City: 754 Williamson Street, Madison, WI 53703